Something Must be Known and Felt

Something Must be Known and Felt

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A missing note in today's Christianity

  • Title: Something Must be Known and Felt
  • Author: Stuart Olyott
  • ISBN: 9781783970674
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Bryntirion Press
  • Pages: 150
  • RRP: £8.99

In true Christianity God’s revealed truth is believed, it is lived out, and it is felt. It impacts the soul. If we forget this we will eventually lose biblical religion altogether.

But what are we to make of our emotions? What does the Bible say? And does it tell us how to know which of our feelings are pleasing to God, and which are not? This book begins by answering these questions before moving on to examine other aspects of spiritual experience. It sheds light on the Holy Spirit’s work in the soul, on how to know whether we are true Christians or not, on what it means to experience the felt presence of Christ, and on how to seek and receive God’s guidance.

The book closes with two chapters on experiences in prayer which are now largely forgotten. There is an extended treatment of ‘the prayer of faith’; that is, praying in such a way as to have certainty about the outcome. This is followed by teaching about ‘waiting on God’ and the wonderful things that happen to those who do.

Whole continents of spiritual experience are waiting for us to explore them, and it is the author’s prayer that this book will help many of the Lord’s people on their journey.