Freedom To Flourish

Freedom To Flourish

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The Rest God Offers in the Purpose He Gives You
  • Author: Elizabeth Garn
  • P & R Publishing Company
  • Pages: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN:  9781629956084
  • RRP: £9.99

Reviewed in the Evangelical Magazine by Jonathan Hodgins: 

As I write this review I can’t help wondering what people will think. Will the editor like it? Will it be as good as other contributors? Will you find it (perish the thought) boring? Elizabeth Garn spent her life wondering what other people thought of her. She compared her looks, hobbies, clothes and parenting style to others; invariably it ended in tears. Thankfully her tears turn to joy in the Bible. Each of the nine short and very readable chapters take us to different parts of Genesis chapters one to three reflecting on creation, the cultural mandate, work, the fall, and the covenant promise.

Garn writes for women not wives. She laments that we have made marriage and motherhood the best, even only, way for a Christian woman to honour God. She shows how painful that has been and illustrates how women (and men) glorify God regardless of relationship. This was hugely helpful to me as a preacher speaking to unmarried church members. Male or female, this book will benefit you. It would be an excellent resource for a book group. Best of all, if you have a friend who's exhausted from trying to hold it all together this will bring meaning and hope to them.