Faith in a Time of Crisis

Faith in a Time of Crisis

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Stemming from recent events in the worldwide fellowship of Anglican churches, Faith in a Time of Crisis unpacks the Bible’s teaching on human sexuality, at the same time showing how the gospel shapes our understanding of true love, true unity, and true faith.

Author(s) Vaughan Roberts and Peter Jensen
ISBN 9781922206268
Paperback (Pages 152)


  • Editor's preface
  • 1. True gospel
  • 2. True sex
  • 3. True love
  • 4. True unity
  • 5. True faith (by Peter Jensen)
  • Appendix: The Jerusalem Statement Acknowledgements

"This book may have begun with a couple of well-known Anglicans addressing the world of Anglicanism, but its voice penetrates to the minds and hearts of Bible-believing Christians everywhere. In a manner both bold and winsome, Vaughan Roberts and Peter Jensen show how the attempts to legitimize homosexual marriage are profoundly and tragically tied up with a denial of the gospel and a rejection of God and his Word. Rightly, they urge much more than a holding operation on one issue: they call for the massive repentance that returns to God and his truth and his grace. This book merits the widest circulation." ~ DA Carson, Research Professor of New Testament Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois

"This outstanding book will be a great help not only to individuals as we seek to follow the Lord Jesus faithfully, but also to the whole church as we seek to respond to one of the great issues of our day. I hope that many will read it, and I certainly intend to distribute it far and wide. ~ William Taylor Rector St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London

"What I found really valuable about this book is the main author’s personal experience and testimony. If the Bible’s teaching on human sexuality makes sense to Vaughan Roberts, it should make sense to all of us. He tells us, quoting Thomas Chalmers, of “the expulsive power of a new affection”. This is exactly right: as Christ grows in us and we in him, our old affections of a fallen world are gradually replaced by recognizing the divine priority in everything. There can be, indeed must be, a richness of relationships, but marriage between man and woman is the fulfilment of a particular kind of relationship for which our sexuality is designed. While Vaughan, as the rector of a parish, concentrates on the local and congregational, Peter Jensen reminds us tellingly of the Church as connection, as a fellowship of the local, regional and universal. Fidelity to the good news of Jesus Christ is crucial in every expression of the Church. I do hope that this little book will inspire many to sacrificial faithfulness in every area of discipleship." ~ Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Anglican Bishop of Rochester (1994-2009) President, Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD)