Exodus For You

Exodus For You

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Thrilling you with the liberating love of God

Expository Bible-study guide to Exodus, showing how this foundational book foreshadows Christ, points to the new creation, and calls us to radical discipleship.

  • Author: Tim Chester
  • ISBN: 9781784980238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published: June 2016
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 216mm x 23mm
  • Pages: 288
  • Publisher: The Good Book Company

Without Exodus, we have an impoverished understanding of the nature of God, the achievement of the cross, the triumph of the resurrection and the identity of God's people.

With his trademark Christ-centred clarity, Tim Chester walks readers through Exodus, making its great themes thrillingly clear to those new to the book, and unearthing wonderful new surprises for those familiar with it.

You can read through this book as a normal book… work through it as part of your daily Bible-reading routine using the questions for reflection at the end of each chapter… or use it to help you teach this book of the Bible, whether in small groups or from the pulpit.