Revolutionary Worship: All of life for God's glory

Revolutionary Worship: All of life for God's glory

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  • William Taylor
  • £5.99
  • 10Publishing
  • 144
  • ISBN: 9781913896133

"When you hear the word ‘worship’, do you think mostly in terms of what you do together in your Sunday services; the songs you sing, the order of service, or the style? This book is not a guide for this, it has one main point that is forcefully brought home through five short chapters, ‘the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus has revolutionised our worship such that it involves the whole of our life.’ William Taylor makes a challenging, readable and Bible-centred case that we must not think that worship is simply what we do for a few hours each week in our Sunday services.

In the book, we learn about God-pleasing worship from the account of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman. The temple was about God’s presence, truth and praise and is now fulfilled in Jesus so that the place of worship is not important. Worship in Spirit and truth is what counts. From Romans 12, we learn that spiritual worship is our response to God and his mercy to us. We offer our bodies as living sacrifices because he has saved us by his mercy and renewed our minds. He challenges the idea that Sunday is our key moment of worship, rather our whole life should be one lived out in worship to God.

With down-to-earth examples, through Hebrews 12, we learn that our worship is the day-to-day experience of God working through us and in us. From 1 Peter, we learn about infectious worship, the day-to-day living with God and for God that makes his glory known. The last chapter takes us to Ephesians 5 and Colossians 3 to show how our worship of God works out in relation to one another in the church. Worship is horizontal and connectional, as we address one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, as well as vertical as we praise God. The book closes with a summary and a helpful section of frequently asked questions.

This book is one of a series, the others being Revolutionary Sex and Revolutionary Work."

Review by Jim Grindell in The Evangelical Magazine